Pixies, Bobs And More: Five Mumbai Women Spill Their Short Hair Secrets

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Ten-Second Takeaway

Getting your hair snipped short can be an intimidating task. After all those years of growing it out, getting it cut may seem huge, but look at these awesome ladies for inspiration and their advice on where they got it done. It’ll make the job a lot easier, and a lot more fun. We promise.

Ayesha Billimoria

Ayesha is a full-time runner, fitness trainer, model and no-nonsense taker when it comes to her hair. Always a fan of going short or going home, her last hair cut has been by Feroze at the Taj in Colaba. She says that all the cuts given there are very classic, and not too modern, and so the best way to describe the current look would be a classic japanese bob, with a fringe slightly above the eyebrows, and the rest of the length of her hair above the war.

She finds maintaining short hair liberating, absolutely hassle-free and low-maintenance. She never styles it or uses heat on it, just slaps on some good ol’ Pantene, and uses the serum Liss extreme to tame her otherwise bouncy, thick hair.

Avni Talsania

The look in mind, Avni headed straight for the JCB salon on Kemp’s Corner and asked for her short hair cut. She wanted something super edgy, and very sharp, which was an A-line hair cut with short hair in the back coming towards long hair in the front.

The stylist there understood precisely what she had in mind, and unlike most people, kept checking the length Avni preferred, call them length check points, if you will. That was awesome, because at no point did she end up feeling that she ended up at the shorter end of the deal. The same hair cut would be ideal for you if you have a round or heart-shaped face and hair that isn’t extremely wavy.

It cost her around INR 1,600 {including a hair wash} and now she uses Moroccan shampoo and conditioner to take care of it.


Short hair is the best way to be taken seriously, says Christine.  She got her hair snipped at JCB in Bandra over a year ago, but keeps getting it trimmed at the same salon. The task cost her around INR 2,500. She recommends going through Jean-Claude Biguine’s app or beauty websites such as purplle.com which give you discounts and deals at these salons. Also, maybe not related, but a home-experiment left incomplete led to one side red hair and one side black hair. Why not go all-out and get your hair coloured here?

She has very straight hair, with hardly any maintenance. She uses more voluminising shampoos and recommends products by Wella.

Bhoomika Chouhan

A pixie cut was Bhoomika’s style of choice when she got bored of her long hair. She just decided to chop it off, and was helpfully assisted by hair stylist, Justine. Justine has short hair herself, and is brilliant at what she does – be it suggesting what will suit you, which products to use, how not to use too many products and over all, making you look fabulous. She takes freelance appointments in your home, and you can get in touch with her by emailing her on justine.mellowcastro@gmail.com

Since Bhoomika had curly and wavy hair, she maintained it by blow-drying it lightly after washing it. Also, she started the conditioning first, shampooing later hack way before it became a thing. Try it.


It was in Delhi’s B Blunt that Jia got her hair cut a little short, but it was in Mumbai that she went all out with her hair cut. It is an asymmetrical undercut which is short at the back and one side, and gradually becomes longer. She got it done at the B Blunt in Juhu by stylist Twinkle. Jia recommends B blunt most because they are very up to date, young and so they get what styles we are referring to, and most of all, are very honest when it comes to what will look good, and what won’t.

Jis has very wavy hair, which is surprisingly much easier to maintain when short, and she never needs to blow dry or even iron it to keep it looking the way it does. She uses Tresemme’s keratin shampoo and conditioner, and applies a leave-in condition called ‘Climate Control’ by B Blunt itself.


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