Crafted By Hand: These Small-Batch Soaps Are Infused With Natural Ingredients

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What Makes It Awesome

It's time to rewind the clock, but with a twist! How many of us made the switch from soaps to shower gels over the last several years because we wanted that little bit of extra pampering and something gentler on our skin, and the soaps in the market just weren't cutting it? I know I did. So that's why it's so interesting to see people moving back to using soap. And a major reason for that is that there is so much more available out there. Brands that are small-batch, crafted with care and created with love with the best ingredients to soothe our skin. And since we're always on the lookout for exactly these sort of brands, we were excited to find one that checked all the boxes in Aamchi Mumbai itself.

Founded by Chandni Punwani, this skincare brand is focused on creating handcrafted products, mainly soap, with natural ingredients. Self-taught, Chandni discovered a love for making soaps and beauty products which led her to pursue this passion full time and launch her own homegrown brand. Her soaps, made with cold-pressed oils - think coconut, jojoba and sweet almond - are nourishing for all skin types. We love that these soaps are packed with ingredients that not only look and smell pretty (which they do) but they also have a purpose.

We asked Chandni to pick three of her favourites and here's what she chose: Cinnamon n Oats, made with nourishing goats milk, this one gently exfoliates and has anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties too. Next up, a Shea Butter In Coffee Soap that's deeply moisturizing and the coffee gives it a natural exfoliating property while vanilla lends a soothing scent. And finally, the Potato and Pomegranate, which is high in Vitamin A, made with goats milk and tackles issues like pigmentation and skin damage.

Currently, Chandini is making 8 types of soaps, a facial bar and a spa bar is soon coming up we hear. Pricing ranges from INR 150-250 and averages at about INR 180. Delivery charges are borne by the customer and there is no minimum order. You can place your order via Instagram DM or even Whatsapp Sterling Soaps directly. 


We suggest you give them a few days notice when placing your order as each batch is handcrafted by Chandni herself. Plus, while there is no minimum order, it is more cost-effective to order more than just one as shipping charges would be applicable either way. They ship across India.