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Batti & Co.

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What Makes It Awesome

To say Batti & Co is a labour of love would not be a misnomer. Born in the midst of the lockdown, the brand is definitely a passion project. A true-blue Mumbaikar, Faaizah suddenly found herself with extra time on her hands thanks to the cutting out of commute time. And she started looking for something to challenge her and make the most productive use of all that time (kudos to not just binge-watching Netflix in our free time like the rest of us). That's when she started exploring the idea of soapmaking. And well, after liberally trying these out on friends and family, she decided to go ahead with her brand. 

Her soaps are completely handcrafted and made in small batches using the cold process - it's a great way to preserve the benefits of the ingredients used as it does not use heat in the process at all. And I love the origin of the name Batti & Co, which draws from the term ''sabun ki batti'' or bar of soap, and is a nod to Faaizah's Chattisgarh roots while keeping its luxe and contemporary vibe. It's all about creating unique soaps that make bath time more than just a chore but a really relaxing experience.

Faaizah's come up with a few really fun concepts with her soapmaking, and I was totally intrigued by her collection of tie-and-dye soaps in fun colour patterns, Plus, she tells us she uses ingredients like shea butter, activated charcoal and papaya in her soap making, each with its own benefits. Expect to shell out between INR 250 to 400 for the 'battis' for a 'desi meets luxury' experience.


You can order their soaps on Instagram