Have A Peaceful Start To The Year. Head To Hanging Gardens For Cutting Chai & Some Cool Sea Breeze

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Sometimes, we're so used to spending money on visiting other countries, that we forget about the gems of our own city. The Hanging Gardens aka terraced gardens in Malabar Hills, though highly commercial, deserves our attention. And here's why. 

What Makes It Awesome

Hanging Gardens is also one of the oldest gardens in the city – built back in 1880 and then revamped in 1920. The gardens were first made in the memory of barrister Pherozeshah Mehta, and are also officially called Pherozeshah Mehta Garden.

The gardens are in the quiet district of Malabar Hills – and are known for its very distinct feature – the shoe boot that stands proudly there. If you grew up in the city, chances are at some point for a day-out from school, or with the family you’ve been to the gardens.

Did you know the Hanging Gardens have built on a water reservoir? It’s true, and it serves as a source of fresh water for neighbourhood areas. In fact, it is also one of the most beautiful gardens in the city, with its sea-view {you’ve gotta squint}, lush green bushes and animal-shaped topiaries. The garden has been built in a very British way – you can find rows of flowers, a clock in the middle of the garden and an old woman’s shoe {simply called the Boot House}.

You can easily spend a few good hours here. Come here for yoga, jogging, or just as a day out with your friends or family. We recommend coming here in the evening so as to experience the beautiful sunset you get to witness here, apart from the sea breeze that calms you down. There are chaiwallahs around, so don’t forget to grab yourself a cutting.


Hanging Gardens have been a popular destination for the locals and tourists alike, and in case you haven’t been there yet, may we suggest a nice picnic spot by the flowery rows?


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