Find A Library, Unique Events & More At Harkat, The Coworking Space With A Difference

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Harkat Studios in Versova is a beautiful co-working space that also doubles up as a venue for events where they organise plays, poetry and even open mic nights.

An Open Space For All

Harkat Studios is hidden away in the peaceful bylanes of Aram Nagar in Versova. Away from the noise and surrounded by lush greenery, the space is, in fact, an old bungalow transformed into a gorgeous co-working space as well as a melting pot for creative and like-minded people.

Run by Michaela Strobel aka Mika {who moved to India from Germany two years ago} and her partner, Karan Talwar, the studio is also a digital agency that creates international ads, shoots, and promotions for films. However, we already know it’s a space where people can come and work out from for INR 300 a day. What’s more at offer?

They have a lovely and well-stocked library, a space where theatre artists come and perform their plays, or just simply a place where freelancers can go and network. They also have an outdoor space where one can work out of.

What We Love

Mumbai is slowly but progressively inching towards creating a strong community for artists. Unlike the crammed flats, the spaces that are up and coming and providing a platform to artists are in every way, open and beautiful.

Harkat Studios in that aspect is adding beautifully to the existing cultural scene. In the past, they have hosted unique conceptual exhibitions and have curated museums at their space. For example, Museum of Ordinary Objects was a huge success and unique in its own way. Mika tells us, the space can be moulded in anyway the artist envisions it. Be it an open mic night or a play that is being performed, the stage is the vision of the artist and they let the artists shape it.

They also have a library corner with a really diverse collection, not just in genres, but also in languages. Mika laughs and adds, “We’re open to book donations as long as the shelves are stocked and books returned on time.”

So, We're Saying...

Harkat Studios is more of a community than a space that binds all creative minds alike. Being there, one feels part of the family, a highly lovable family at that, and we suggest dropping in for a quick chat or just to browse their library.

For event updates, follow them on their Facebook page here.


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