Halloween Special: 7 Haunted Places To Give You Chills

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Picture this. Empty roads, spooky shadows from the trees and eerie sounds that only you can hear. Sounds like a scene straight out of a horror film. If you’ve been to the theaters, and made it through Annabelle or It, dear readers, have a look at the supposedly haunted places in Mumbai.

Tower Of Silence, Malabar Hills

It may sound innocent, the Tower of Silence is actually believed to be haunted. What’s the story? The Tower of Silence in Malabar Hills is where the Parsis say their final goodbyes. The bodies are left out in the open for the vultures to feast on.

Rumor Has It: This place is known to have experienced paranormal activity. Our suggestion? Don’t venture here post 10 PM. 

D’Souza Chawl, Mahim

D’Souza Chawl in Mahim has a spooky legend attached to it, and is considered as one of the most haunted places in India. The story goes, a local woman from the chawl fell to her own death in the well at the chawl- an untimely event that till date sparks panic among the locals of the chawl.

Rumor Has It: Ever since her death, the chawl gets haunted by her spirit after the sunset.

Mukesh Mills, Colaba

Mukesh Textile Mills were set up way back in the 1870s, and is also one of the oldest mills in the city. However, with its ancient history comes its haunting story. Supposedly, following a fire that killed thousands of people working at the mill, the mill had to be shut down.

Rumor Has It: Ever since, anyone who enters the premises of the mill post sunset is scared away by the souls of the mill workers.

Fun Fact: The same mill was used as a set in the super-popular film, Om Shanti Om.

Vrindavan Society, Thane

Humble Thane has its own spooky legend, and it circles back to a posh Vrindavan society. Apparently, a man from the society jumped off the building from Flat No. 66, B wing. And ever since, his spirit remains to haunt and scare the local residents.

Rumor Has It: Though over time the tales and incidences have reduced, every now and then the guards of the buildings have reported supernatural occurrences and feeling uneasy.

Aarey Milk Colony, Goregaon

Possibly your run-of-the-mill typical horror narrative comes from the green and peaceful Aarey Milk Colony. The road which is a stretch of say, about 10 kilometres, is home to a woman clad in a white saree (obviously) who scares the travellers.

Rumor Has It: She targets anyone who ventures out in the area post 9 PM. 

St. John’s Baptist Church, Andheri

The Baptist Church in Andheri has a tragic history attached to it. According to the story, a bride’s spirit haunts the church and torments those who trespass her site. The legend goes, an exorcism was organised back in 1977 to remove the spirit from the space, and it ended rather brutally- wails and splashing from the nearby pond could be heard. Till date, it is a rather spooky place.

Rumor Has It: Do not trespass the area alone at night, because the bride is known to cry and scare people, especially men. 

Poonam Chambers, Worli

This complex in Worli has been subjected to a bomb blast in 1993, and a wall crash in 1997, post which a lot of people who got stuck in the rubble and died are believed to be haunting the chamber since then. 

Rumor Has It: Watchmen and security guards have reported incidents involving rattling doors in the night. Some have even left their jobs. 


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