Have A House Party Coming Up? Hit Up This Wholesale Store For Supplies To Save Money

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What Makes It Awesome

A tiny bit very useful Store, Balaji Disposal is a hidden gem we have held on to for too long. Located in the nooks of busy {messy, rather} Khar Danda market, Balaji will satiate your need to save money. We'll tell you how.

It's a wholesale store run by a sweet couple who will take you through their offerings. Right from your tissue paper stacks, balloons, Dixie cups and aluminium plates, they have everything at wholesale prices. The Dixie cups start at INR 60p a piece, containers start at INR 3 per piece, while your thermocol plates start at INR 1 a piece.

What Could Be Better?

The ride to Khar Danda market can be a smelly affair {it's a fisherman's colony}. If you can't deal with that, take necessary precautions.

What's My Pro Tip?

This shop is a goldmine for entrepreneurs/small business owners, or you can buy packaging for as low as INR 1 a piece here.

Anything Else?

If you're looking to start something of your own or have a big party coming up, Khar Danda is your hood.