Nuts About Breakfast Spreads? Slather These On Toast And Bite Right In

    What Makes It Awesome

    Mornings are a rush and ain't no one got the time for an elaborate breakfast. If you're anything like me, you have the bare minimum for breakfast - which equates to two slices of toast and a cup of chai. But having the usual buttered or jam toast can get a little boring. That's where Hazelate comes in. 

    Hazelate offers nut spreads, peanut butter and hazelnut in classic and chocolate options that make those boring brekkies a bit more fun. Their chocolate nut spreads have 40% nut content are free from preservatives, dairy and any artificial flavours. These include a Hazelnut Chocolate Spread, Hazelnut and Almond Chocolate Spread, with jaggery, and an Almond Chocolate spread. Besides that, they have two kinds of peanut butter - their Elysian Peanut Butter range that's got creamy and crunchy options.

    You can shop Hazelate right here on LBB. Expect to shell out INR 160 for the peanut butter and INR INR 385 for the chocolate spreads. 


    You can opt for either the 225gm for 440gm options. We suggest trying out the smaller one to figure which one you love more.