Go Healthy With This Yummy Avocado Basil Spread!

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Something new to my feed! A tasty and a healthy option to go for. The best savoury and the healthiest one you will get. Avocado spread by Savore'De has tomatoes and basil leaves in it to give it a little tangy taste of tomato and healthy flavour of basil. Its a must-try for all healthy foodies. Since avocado is rich in nutrients, it will be a very good and healthy option to munch on.
I tried this spread over brown bread. You can also make pasta by this spread as a flavouring.
You can check out their savoury menu like Avo tomato bruschetta.
I would say its value for money because of the taste and freshness.
Taste - 5/5
In frame - Avocado toast made from Savore'De avo basil spread.
At Savore'De you will get desserts like cheesecake and savoury options like avo basil spread, avo tomato bruschetta and other options which you can see in the menu.
It's completely safe to have it so go and try now!

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