Healthy Customized Meal Plans By Reputed Nutritionist - R.D Himani Jariwala

    Santacruz East, Mumbai

    What Makes It Awesome?

    Fresh Food Co. is a takeaway /food delivery kitchen in Santacruz East with a difference, where they serve and promote clean and healthy eating habits. Fresh food Co. provides high-quality food and helps you plan a meal according to your requirements.

    The chefs have repackaged some of our favourite cuisines by designing recipes guided by expert nutritionist R.D Himani Jariwala (Clinical and Sports Nutrition Expert) with over 7 years of experience. They serve a variety of cuisines - Continental, Mexican, Indian, Healthy Food, Salad, Beverages, Desserts, Sandwiches, Juices etc..

    At Fresh Food Co. apart from the regular food menu, you can choose from different meal plans - Keto Meal Plan, High fibre Detox Plan, Lean Six Pack plan, Protein Bars & Snacks, Sculpt Bulk Plan, Just Clean Meals, Focus nutrition plan etc, with even gluten-free dessert options, brown bread sandwiches, healthy smoothies, juices, and great breakfast options, you can pick a plan as per your budget. They also serve a 20-day customized meal plan starting with a minimum of INR 10,000.

    This is really amazing for everyone and mostly for people who mainly workout, want to stick to a routine, to transform their lives and feel stronger and healthier. The food packaging is also very compact and good. I found the delivery and service to be extremely quick and efficient as the order arrived much before in time, which was very impressive.

    Now coming to the food this is what I tried:

    1. Mediterranean Salad
    INR 180
    This salad had simple clean super fresh greens - Curly Endive, Couscous, salad leaves, flaxseeds, carrots, radish, beetroot, semi blanched broccoli and beans along with sweet tangy creamy texture mustard salad dressing. I am not a Salad person but still, I liked the presentation and enjoyed it.

    2. Veg Brown Pasta in Cheesy Sauce
    INR 250
    Going with the cheat meal option. This was packed with delicious yummy cheese sauce, fresh red, green and yellow exotic veggies bell peppers, broccoli, and onion. Garnished with fresh oregano and parsley. This was prepared with a choice of brown pasta which I believe was a whole grain pasta where most of the bran and germ are retained giving it great flavour and texture to the dish. Pasta's made from grains such as brown rice and even quinoa. Highly Recommended!

    3. Aloo Paratha
    Rs 150
    I loved the Indian Aloo onion masala flavour with Indian spices mixture in this paratha. Aloo paratha is my favourite and the best part about this paratha was that it was not dripping in oil or ghee. It was perfectly cooked and didn't miss the buttery flavour too. Only thing was it was on a fine line where some people may find it a little bit salty. For me, it tasted great with fresh curd. Recommended!

    4. Dal Khichdi
    INR 150
    We Indian's just adore dal khichdi which is regularly prepared in every other household. This dal khichdi was nice and thick had the perfect flavours, spices, and tadka. Maybe they can introduce an innovative healthy pickle and salad to be served along with this traditional dal khichdi. Highly Recommended!

    5. Pita Bread with Hummus Dip
    INR 180
    Nice fresh soft Pita Bread - 6 triangle pieces along with delicious light creamy texture hummus dip. Hummus was very delicious it was simple plain hummus, with no strong flavour of olive oil, in presentation it missed the olives and red zaatar but overall I enjoyed it.

    6. Seasonal Fruity Smoothie
    5*/5 INR 180
    It was a lovely fresh smoothie mixture of some seasonal fruits. Recommended!

    My Experience
    Taste: Delicious
    Quantity: Good
    Service: Quick
    Quality: Very Good
    Hygiene: Very Good. Everything looked fresh
    USP - Healthy food: Expert Nutritionist Guidance and Meal Plans
    Price: Moderate to Expensive
    Type: Takeaway / Delivery Kitchen
    Gluten-free, breakfast options, Keto diet plan available.

    How Much Did It Cost?

    INR 500 - INR 1,000

    Best To Go With?

    Family, Big Group, Bae, Kids
      Santacruz East, Mumbai