No Carb, High Protein And More: This Dabba Service Has An Option For Every Diet

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We recently stumbled upon Balanced Meal, a website that delivers healthy and nutritional lunch and dinner that can even be customised for a specific diet {or you could just choose their existing plans}.

Eat Healhty, Stay Fit

Do we really need to emphasise on the importance of fitness? Now, if you’re looking at taking baby steps towards staying healthy, we suggest you start with changing your food habits: cut out the junk and get nutritional meals instead. And for this, we’ve found the perfect way to begin – subscribe to the amazing plans from Balanced Meal, a dabbas service that will solve all your problems.

This website basically offers healthy meals so go ahead and choose from their various plans. They have regular meals (INR 75- INR 135), diet meals (INR 100- INR 145) and high protein meals (INR 150- INR 225). They have a combination of Indian and continental cuisines, so while you will have the dal, roti, sabzi, and rice, you will also have salads, soups and more. All the plans are neatly segregated as per requirements.

But the best part as that for an additional amount, you can also get a personalised diet upon consultation with their in-house nutritionist (who will also follow up with you and keep changing your meals). Need we say more about this? They deliver healthy lunch and dinner across the city and have area-wise delivery charges.

For more details and to sign up, we suggest you check out their website.

So, We're Saying...

We love the idea of getting delicious, yet super healthy food delivered to our doorstep, and Balanced Meal certainly seems to have got that covered for us.


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