Ten-Second Takeaway

Five Fat Monks has introduced a special healthy juice section on their menu, and it’s perfect to down the indulgent flavours of their spicy and delicious dishes.

Sip On

Sipping on the freshly squeezed juices is step one towards keeping a tab on our clean eating habits. Unlike the fat Monks who we refuse to refuse to shame and name, we were happy to see a special addition to their otherwise indulgent menu, on healthy and fresh juices.

Photo source: Pixabay

Photo source: Pixabay

We tried them out whilst eating the nicely prepared hot baos, because why not? Currently they have seven juices they prepare there and then, all from fresh ingredients and fresh fruits. Digestive Cola is a mix of beetroot and lime juice, mind refresher includes amla, mint, honey and orange, the Stress Reliever {cucumber, mint, ginger coriander leaves}, and lastly the Health Booster {with carrot ,beetroot, orange and ginger}. We loved the Stress Reliever and Health Booster. Also all of them are priced at INR 150 each.

For people looking for just simple fresh juices, choose from the beetroot, orange, carrot and watermelon juices {priced at INR 100}. You can sit down, take it away, or even get it delivered home.

So, We’re Saying…

In the mood to cleanse your soul with freshest of the healthiest juices? Remember to try them out on your next visit to Five Fat Monks when you’re engaged in a battle with your fully topped noodle box.