Dabba Watch: Count Calories With Greenz, An Amazing Health-Food Service

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Greenz is a dabba service caters to the health-conscious by delivering fresh, calorie-counted and balanced meals to our doorstep or office reception.

What Is It?

Greenz has a pocket-friendly and diverse menu offering healthy yet delicious Italian, continental and Oriental cuisine which has been Indianised to the local palate.

Using freshly sourced ingredients like olive oil, low-fat mayonnaise and flour-less wheat, the meals are rich in protein and fibre with an approximate calorie count of 450 calories for each one.

The meal options include a chicken herbed brown rice meal, a smoked chicken in mushroom sauce with brown rice, a smoked chicken multi-grain sandwich, a green salad and a wheat pasta in Alfredo sauce.

Unhealthy, high on calories lunch options that tend to make you fall asleep (specially before an important meeting) are now out. A salad is probably a good idea instead of that tall burger that your colleague wanted to split with you. Instead, try the brown rice meals – they sound tasty and are super convenient to eat while staring at the laptop screen at work.

Must-Try: Wheat Pasta, soya and wheat wraps, multigrain burger, super quinoa meal.

Price: Boxes are priced at INR 250 and upwards. 

So We're Thinking...

We tried their brown rice bowls and salads. Big ups to the rice bowls for being flavourful (albeit a little on the spicy side, you might want to tell them to curb it before you order). We’re skipping the all-green salad although the chicken salad was tasty even without the dressing.


Former Editor, LBB, Mumbai