SnackHealthy: This Brand Solves Those Between-Meal Woes

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What Makes It Awesome

We all know what it's like to reach for that packet of sev or chips when hunger strikes and then force yourself to wait because you're scared of quarantine kilos. If this scenario rings a bell, then we've found your hunger buddy - SnackHealthy, Super Healthy Food's snack-time answer.

They've got three different snacking options to choose from and if you, like me, end up reaching for a handful of something easy to much on while working, you'll like what they have to offer. They have an Omega Seeds Mix that was great for a light snack packed with nutrients and head's up bakers, we loved sprinkling this on bread for an added, healthy crunch before baking! If you've got a sweet tooth too, and like your snacks on the sweeter side but are trying to cut out sugar, their power-packed Daily Dose Nuts Seeds And Berries are super - love that it has a natural sweetness from the mango, cranberry, blueberries and anjeer. This is great tossed in with your breakfast oats for a bit of texture. And last up is an answer to potato chips: their Mini Crisps made with multigrain flour that comes in 3 flavours Desi Masala, Thai Hot and Classic Methi.

We'd say go ahead and order these online so the next time you feel munchy you have something healthy to reach for instead of all those fried (admittedly tasty) snacks!


You can order their products on their website and they also retail on Amazon.