Croissant, Sandwiches, Rolls And More: Start Your Day With Epic Food At This Bakery

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What Makes It Awesome

J. Hearsch and Co, a part of the holy trinity of bakeries on Hill Road, Bandra is still worth spending your mornings at, and we explore why.

Apart from being a century-old legend, Hearsch also has an interesting history. Given up by a German baker (J. Hearsch) to a passionate Sophia Liberata Fernandes in the 1920s during the first World War, the bakery is now being run by Melvin D’Sa (although the proprietorship remains with the Fernandes). Located inside an old bungalow compound (it’s been turned into a housing society now), you won’t see any signage pointing towards the bakery, so you will have to ask your way around. But it's pretty famous so anyone can guide you to it. 

You’ll always see a hoard of people around the bakery perched on the construction stones laid outside, either biting into a sandwich or celebrating cheat day with their baked goodies. Bakers and chefs throng to this place as early as 8 AM, so if you want to have a quick snack after your jog or morning dates is your things, head to Hearsch.

The quality and pricing at Hearsch is what makes it popular at all levels. You can order chicken cutlets, chicken lollipops, chocolate balls, chicken mince, and cheese croissants. Their mutton samosa and sponge cake are a must-try.


You mustn't miss out on a legendary bakery like this one. Hearsch will always be mentioned in the list of the top bakeries in the city along with A1 and American Express. Give it a spin if you haven’t already.


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