With A Funky Vibe & A Great Menu, Check Out This Cafe & Bar

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What Makes It Awesome?

HELLO GUPPY - THE NOODLE BAR (Yes you read it correctly) they have revamped. Decor remains the same. Focus is more on Baos, Sushi's, Spicy Udon Noodles, Donburi Ramen Burgers and Bowls. Yes and their amazing Tikki, Cocktails and the menu which they have launched. Vibe and energy are amazing. Packed on the weekday. Started off with the Classic Mai Tai (Rum Based Drink) Old Monk with orange and Bitters. Followed this with Hello Zombie - Sambuca based strongly along with Rum. 

Food - Tuna and avocado Pork (Hawaiian's Love) Combination of Fresh Tuna, Pork, the sweetness of plum and Daikon Radish curd in soy-sesame balanced the dish. Lovely texture served with Pickled with cucumber and seaweed.

Baos - slow cooked Chashu and the other one was Chicken Bao, Fresh. Got the crunchiness from the tempura fritters. Honey soy got the glaze! Pickled Radish iceberg complemented. Miso Mustard sauce elevated the flavours. No flaws!

Salmon Sashimi with Tuna was good. Do try! Goes well with Wasabi and soy.

HG PORK BELLY - Melt in the mouth. Signature dish. Made to perfection. It's slow braised. Sheen was good/Glaze. Magic from the soy honey. Gave that sour-sweet combination. Mustard Miso sauce balanced the dish. Served on a skewer.

Sweet and Picked Spiced Chicken - something different. Panco Fried chicken with sweet/chilli sauce. One can have this with curry or just the way it is. The texture was good. Topped with Tart Miyo sauce. Do try this.

Sushi - Mango being in the news, HG has some interesting Mango based sushi on their menu. For the Vegetarians try the Mango Avocado - a mix of subtle/sweet touch. Compact - in short, made well. Their Non Veg version is Mango Tuna which again had a good balance.

California Roll Latin Black Rice sushi is different. Organic rice. This had Crab/cucumber/avocado and flying fish eggs. Signature dish.

Mains - stick to the basics!

UDON NOODLES (Thick/flat/wheat based) we asked for Chicken. Apart from Vegetables and mushrooms they Fried chicken. Taste-Tangy and spicy as they used black pepper. A meal by itself. Scallions and sesame as a garnish. The presentation was good.

Ramen - Another must have at GH (The Noodle Bar) this was lovely. Miso based. Either a hit or a miss. Strong Miso Ramen (Signature dish) this has Spicy Miso stock. Basically, Ramen are egg noodles either served with soy or Miso. This also had broccoli/corn/sprouts seaweed and Boiled egg along with the noodles. Overall good.

Dessert - Stuck to the popular TAIYAKI SUNDAE (eggless Japanese pancake) these come in the shape of a fish. Made in house. Served with chocolate and Raspberry Sorbet. Do Try. The sweetness of chocolate and citrus touch of raspberry.

Overall - My take on this place as always been well. Now that It's a Noodle bar, lot of changes happening. Do keep a track on the menu and the festivals happening.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae