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Your Cart Won't Be Hemp-ty After Checking Out Organic Brand B Label!

    What Makes It Awesome

    Here’s finally a brand stitching hemp fibre into your clothes. We were surprised to find that hemp has many advantages, it's almost better than cotton! B Label has taken the sustainable route and made garments with hemp in an attempt to combine fashion, comfort and producing a sustainable clothing line.

    Hemp’s known for its use in the summers: it repels UV rays, resists mould and mildew and is carbon negative, so you don’t leave an imprint on the environment. It also probably lasts you your entire lifetime, and provide comfort during a sweltering, hot day. B Label also claims that your piece will get softer with each wash, so it is all to your advantage.

    They have a great semi-formal collection with pastels, mint green, peach and cream hues. Each piece speaks of minimalism and simple style. These garment pieces come at a rate as low as INR 356, and assure comfort and quality in the long run.


    If you’re sick of wearing jeans in this hot weather, B Label has some great casual pants which are super light and comfortable, at INR 1200.