Ten-Second Takeaway

BKC restaurant NRI, which specialises in the food of the Indian diaspora, has launched a new monsoon menu which includes drinks like pinewood smoked tea and eatables like the Indonesian chipsi maya – French fries cooked with a masala omelet.

What’s On The Menu?

A desi take on the concept of high tea, Hi-Chai is an afternoon special menu for those rainy days you want to duck out of your office situated in one of the neighbouring high-rises and eat something both comforting and refreshing.

We’re digging their chai menu, which is varied and quirky. Though the range is wide, we’d keep an eye out for the Firdaus, the Kashmiri-style chai with saffron and cocksumb. If you’re looking for something more refreshing, we recommend the Happiness Is – a blend of dried wild apples, hibiscus, rose hips, raisins, cloves and citrus peel.

For the food, the range is even more impressive. try the Roti Helicopter {amazing name, right?}. which is a Malay dish of paper-thin flatbread served with homemade kaya {a sort of coconut jam} and vanilla ice cream. We also recommend the Chipsi Mayai – French fries cooked with a masala omelet and oven-baked with Tanzanian spices and cheese.

So We’re Saying…

The Hi-Chai menu is great for a mid-day break, a quick meeting with your bosses or an even quicker bitching session with your colleagues.

When: July 11 onwards

Timings: 3pm to 6pm

Price: INR 1,500 for the set meal

Photos courtesy: NRI