Secret Masalas, Off-The-Menu Goodies And More At Hotel Grant In Fort

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Only in Mumbai can a food joint be both popular but a secret – Hotel Grant has legendary keema pao, keema bheja and affordable seafood dishes, which a lot of people continue to be unaware of.

A Legend: 70 Years And Going Strong

The restaurant was started off by Laxman Varma, who came to Mumbai from Andhra Pradesh in 1950. Once an errand boy, Varma started off Hotel Grant in a tin shed within the police compound. At one point it used to be referred to as the ‘police canteen’ since it was often frequented only by the police personals, which is now renamed to its current name, next to Haj House.  It’s now run by his sons, Shekar and Shreedar, whom you’ll find running things at the restaurant now.

Chow Down

The restaurant is famous for its family masalas {secret recipes they still swear by}, and is primarily a restaurant we recommend for people who love their meat. If you’re a vegetarian, the seafood smell maybe really overwhelming.
With its seafood platters, like the mix seafood pulao {INR 220}, prawns biryani {INR 180} – this restaurant has nailed light, nicely spiced dishes.

However, the specialty lies in their classic keema pao and their special keema bheja mix {INR 180} – which is basically just prepared with salt and pepper and gives the right taste, but without the excessive oil you may otherwise expect. The combination of mutton and keema chopped finely makes for an extremely appetising and satisfying meal, one you’d want to go back for.

Also try out their chutney surmi fry {INR 160} and their special desi chicken handi {INR 340}.

Sip On

Cool off your meat flavours with butter milk, or solkadi.

So, We're Saying...

If you enjoy your meat – fresh, succulent and prepared old-school, Hotel Grant House is where you need to go next. It’s been visited by famous patrons, and its own list of loyalists who keep coming back regularly like Nathuram Godse, politicians {including the Thackerays}, and police bigwigs as well. Plus a meal for two cost us only INR 400.


We’v been told you can also order an off-the menu dish, called ‘kalva masala’ – which is basically an oyster preparation. If it’s available, and you ask, you’re in luck.


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