It's True: We Found Chole Bhature Heaven At This Punjabi Food Joint In Sion

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Displaced dilliwala in Mumbai, are you forever longing for chhole bhature that makes your mouth melt? We found a place in a much unexpected Punjabi hub in Sion to satisfy your cravings.

Chow Down

Guru Tegh Bahadur {GTB} Road in Sion has been our favourite find for all things Punjabi in Mumbai – be it the hot and delicious chicken tandoori at Raj Palace restaurant, or chhole kulche at Chawla’s, or even the mouth-watering chhole bhature at Manjeet’s.

On an expedition quite like our earlier ones, we went with grit and determination to discover more in this food haven. On chancing upon a compact eatery called Himalaya, we were delighted and ordered more plates of chhole bhature than the two of us could stomach, with a side of lassi – sweet and salted both.

Small white plates making concentric circles with the duo of round bhature made its way to our plate within 10 minutes of ordering, while the server scooped down spoonfuls of chhole into our plate. We noted the absence of miserly behaviour here, and began digging into our bhature. The chhole were warm and packed with masala and flavour. The bhature on the other hand, were smaller, slightly stretchy and quite delicious {but not quite for you if you like them stretched out and doughy}.

Sip On

We had two stout glassfuls of lassi, which was fresh, thick and frankly, amazing. Although we have heard many a complimentary thing about the Malai Kulfi here, we unfortunately were too full to give it a taste. But don’t make the same mistake as us, and go on for the full deal.

A plate of chhole bhature here costs INR 85 each, although you can order extra bhature and chhole any time you like. A glass of lassi costs INR 35 each. Not feeling up for chhole? They have some pretty good pav bhaji too {with extra cheese, if you like}.



So, We're Saying...

Pull back your sleeve and indulge in a few minutes of blissful gluttony while dipping the bhature into chhole, and sipping on sweet Punjabi lassi. And on looking at your Instagram picture, when people ask ‘kithe’, you know where to lead them, don’t you?


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