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H&M Is Opening A Third Outlet At Inorbit Mall In Malad

Bhavika posted on 29 September

Ten-Second Takeaway

H&M, the fashion brand we love, wanted and finally got in our city this year, is now opening its third branch in Malad on October 20.

Third Time Lucky

It seems to us that H&M in on a mission – to take-over {or make-over} Mumbai one fancy outlet at a time. First it was Parel, then BKC and now they’re opening a two-floor outlet sprawled across 30,000 feet at the Inorbit Mall in Malad.

Like the other two shops, this one has sections for women, men, teenagers and kids. There will be good quality athletic wear, lingerie, a maternity line, a plus-sized collection and accessories we adore here too. Check out some looks we created and loved at the Parel store here if you need inspiration.

The Early Bird …

You know the saying. If you are among the first three shoppers on the opening day, you will receive gift cards for H&M worth INR 10,000, 7,000 and 5,000. Slim chance of that happening, you might think and we agree. Just get there soon though and be one of the first 200 in queue. You’ll at least get cool goodie bags and gift cards for INR 500.

So, We’re Saying…

The doors open at 11am. Put those running shoes on and get ready. The time has come.

Where: Inorbit Mall, Malad

When: Thurs, 20 Oct

Timing: The launch is 11am onwards

Featured photo courtesy: H&M