Holi's Got Your Skin & Hair Worried? Spruce Up Your Routine With These Beauty Needs

In a city like ours, where the mane and skin need constant attention, it is only natural to look for brands that help you nourish it. What makes skincare even essential. While we wouldn't recommend skipping the fun, but we do highly recommend prepping up for the Holi by healthy skin and hiar care.

For all those who’re on the lookout for great products, allow us to point you to some of our favourites.


Clay & Co. Skincare

We love the fact that these face masks are super affordable, and smell heavenly! But wait, it gets even better. These products are completely vegan and natural.

What You Must Buy: The coco berry and mocha face masks are our favourites.

Shell Out: INR 650 onward

Perfumes and Body Mists

The Body Shop

Their sweet-smelling body mists are our favourites throughout the year. Their collection is pure love, and we’re huge fans of their fruity, fresh scents.

What You Must Buy: The body mists here are great to carry around with you all day, and you’d always find the season special in our bags (The strawberry range is our all time favourite.)

Shell Out: INR 795 onward

Cosmetics Stores

The Body Shop

Phoenix Marketcity, Upper Ground Floor, Shop 5, LBS Road, Kurla West, Mumbai


Bombay Perfumery

These perfumes might be placed a little on the higher side, so you can reserve them for those special occasions. We personally love the musk-loaded, fresh, light tones from their special range, and recommend them as gifts for all those who take their perfumes seriously.

What You Must Buy: If you're into chai, and love its fragrance, then they've got a chai musk that's totally worth it. 

Shell Out: INR 4,100

Cosmetics Stores

Bombay Perfumery

Manoj Industrial Estate, 41, GD Ambekar Road, Wadala West, Mumbai



Dr. Sheths

This is a luxury skincare brand that caters to the Indian skin. They have a whole range of face masks, eye creams, mists, skin brightening creams etc, but it is their daily sue sunscreen that we are huge fans of. 

What You Must Buy: You can get your hands on their sunscreen that is made of sunflower, lecithin and licorice extracts that help your skin stay hydrated, bright, blemish-free and of course, protected from the harmful rays of the sun (since its almost always sunny in Mumbai.)

Shell Out: INR 950


RAS Luxury Oils

This beauty brand sells products made from plant-based ingredients and is cruelty-free and free of synthetic fragrances and parabens. Their essential oils are an important part of our night skincare routine. They’re priced at the higher side, but totally worth it.

What You Must Buy: The Argan pure plant oil is really good, and if you want to give a set, there's an acne rescue set that does its magic. 

Shell Out: INR 3,700 onward

Face Wash

The Skin Pantry

Their skincare range is absolutely delicious! Okay don’t get us wrong, we’re just so obsessed with their amazing smells, we wish we could eat them all. This brand sells organic bath and body products that include fruity skin smoothies, espresso body scrub, body butters, face washes and much more.

What You Must Buy: Their non-soap face wash is a little expensive, but worth every penny.

Shell Out: INR 1,300 onward