Get Your Toast Ready: This Home Chef Makes The Most Delicious Artisanal Jams



    Got a sweet tooth and love home baked stuff? Then you’ve got to try the delicious goodies made by this home chef in Bandra East {we’re going to tell you what to get}.

    Tell Me More

    Shilpa Bharatan, under her brand Yo Maami, has been selling artisanal jams and sourdough breads from her Bandra East home. We love the jams, especially the strawberry with a kick of balsamic and jalapeno jam. She also makes artisan breads and specialises in sourdoughs and sinful cinnamon rolls with cream cheese frosting filled with ukadiche modak fillings {steamed modak}, and also makes yummy, sugar-free granola bars.

    She works on a takeaway/delivery module, so contact her the next time you need some of these delicious goodies. You can call her on +91 98207 13363 to place the order.

    So, We're Saying...

    You don’t need to worry about what to snack on once you get a hold of these breads and jams.