Bold As Brass: We Found Handcrafted Decor That Tells A Story

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What Makes It Awesome

NHEST brings together two passions: a love for product design and a love for traditional crafts. Launched by Ruchi Zaveri, the brand is inspired by the rich traditional arts and crafts that we have in our country and in a large part, her familiarity with these crafts right from childhood, coming from a family that always had a love for them. 

NHEST is inspired by these beautiful traditions but isn't restricted by them, in that the methods may be traditional but the designs are contemporary. Her designs combine the beauty of artisan-made products using handcrafted methods and tools with functionality and aesthetics that are suited to our modern homes. Their collection beautifully highlights the art of brass stamping - each piece is worked on by hand and skillfully joined together with hinges without using heat - kind of awesome, right? I fell in love with quite a few of their pieces like the Brass Bird Hanging (hello, empty window) at INR 900, Lotus Brass Coasters at INR 2,000 for 6 and the Brass Tulip Bookmark at INR 300. 

Ruchi tells us that she loves that each of her pieces are made completely by hand, which means that no two are exactly alike. Handcrafted products are as much about celebrating the craftsmanship as much as finding the beauty in imperfections. NHEST's price range is pretty reasonable and starts at INR 300 to INR 3,000. 

What Could Be Better

The selection is somewhat limited and they do sell out as well. You can get in touch via Instagram if you have enquiries. 


You can shop via their website or reach out via Instagram. Shipping does not cost extra within India, and they ship Pan-India too.