Order, Order! These Eateries Are Following WHO Guidelines!

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While we collectively face this pandemic through social isolation, distancing and maintaining respiratory hygiene, it’s now become apparent that our lives are going to face long-term impacts as a result of this. Businesses are shutting shop, and eateries are struggling to stay afloat, too. Thankfully, WHO Guidelines have been put in place, and many eateries have been adopting them. That means ordering food from these places is now 100% safe, and eateries apart from these are also going hard on making sure even delivery executives are staying safe! We divided up restaurants you can order in from, by cuisine!


The Indian Toss

Rich Mughlai gravies, slippery Butter Garlic Naans and Spicy Dal your ideal order of the day? The Indian Toss (that’s some brand name… Because we can literally picture it) has pure desi khaana, with some pan-Asian stuff in the mix. We suggest sticking to the Indian stuff, though!

Biryani By Kilo

Yaar, ghar wali Biryani is great, but ascertaining quantities, proportions and the like is tedious. If a whole day of deep cleaning a new corner of your house has you burned out, Biryani By Kilo is a great place to order from if you want to reward yourself, and your home-cleaning team.

The Zesty Kitchen

Need a quick meal, but desi style, which has all the basics? Zesty Kitchen has North Indian, South Indian and even Malvani Thalis. The Mangalorean Thali has our hearts, too! Special props to the fact that they’re still offering discounts, despite all the measures they’re taking.



With tamper-proof packaging being used as well, this Malad eatery has really tried to make sure your food is safe. They’re also making sure they check the rider’s sanitation! Consider this a green signal to order their amazing Schezwan Paneer Momos, the Crunchy Yasi Gyoza and Cucumber and Cream Cheese Sushi!
They’ve got running discounts, too, so you’re in luck!

Spices and Chillies

Chindian crave kar rahe ho, toh Spices and Chillies is a great bet. Also checking rider sanitation, this one’s got running offers, too. Count on this one to give you uber satisfying Burnt Garlic Fried Rice, that classic American Chopsuey and some Indian food. Stick to the Chindian stuff, though, and you'll be satisfied.


Pizza Caprina

Pizza ka kaam sirf Pizza hi kar sakta hai. Pizza Caprina’s Paneer Marinara and Nice Bolognese Pizza are flawless in our eyes, and if there’s an outlet close to your home, you’ve gotta try ‘em out. They’ve got a Jain Classic Pizza, too, in case you want one, and they’ve got a selection of pastas and wraps as well.

Smokin’ Joes

This iconic chain is taking charge of health measures too, thank God! We love nothing more than their Maha Pizzas (the ones that serve 8!), the Triple Cheesy Fantasy Sauce, and their Pizza sandwiches. Go ahead, order that Crisp N Lite (or Sweet N Spicy Chicken) Pizza.


Earthlings Cafe

Andheri West’s quaint (yet killer) vegan cafe is also a 100% safe to order from. We love their take on vegan comfort food, and their Chilli Cheeze Toast is so damn good… It’s almost suspicious. Order your fill of vegan omelettes and pizzas from here!

Earth Cafe@Waterfield

Vegan? Check. Healthy? Check. Keto? Check. Indulgent? Also check. The uber chic Earth Cafe is delivering safely, too, and we suggest tucking into their Spaghetti Meatballs (don’t worry, it’s vegan), the Wild Summit Burger and Jamaican Platter.

BTW, the desserts are amazing, too.


Whatta Waffle!

Ye ghar pe banaana bohot difficult hai, yaar. We adore Whatta Waffle! for their normal and bubble-style waffles, and the fact that they don’t hold back on the toppings.They’ve also got waff-wiches, pancakes and mini-pancakes which you can enjoy. Socially isolated or not, the sweet tooth shall remain satisfied.

Dairy Don

Ye bhi old favourite hai, na? Dairy Don is delivering safely, too and there’s really no time like now to allow yourself to indulge in a yummy kulfi, the Maharaja Paan Ice Cream, the Anjeer Shake and the Thick Shakes, too!


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