Best Scented Products To Make Your Home A Sweet-Smelling Paradise

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Whether it's walking into a 5-star lobby smelling of fresh peonies or entering a spa and inhaling the soothing aroma of essential oils - everyone loves a sweet-smelling space. They're undoubtedly instant mood boosters. And especially now, when we're spending the most time in our homes, how about converting your space into a sweet-smelling oasis. The right fragrance almost always does the trick, and we've chosen some of our favourite home fragrance products, within a budget that we think you'll love!  

Here are the easiest ways you can make your home fresh and divine all day (& night)!

Rose Potpourri

Rose Potpourri Jar

Rose Potpourri Jar


We are in love with the potpourri and scented candles at this store in Bandra in Mumbai. While they are based out of Mumbai, they also ship across India. What we love is the extensive collection and the supremely affordable price range! Apart from their scented candles, we particularly love their potpourri collection. Confused about which one to pick? Go for their lavender or lemongrass potpourri which makes for a great purchase. You can also opt for their rose one if you're a fan of florals. These either come loose, or you can opt for a jar or cute potlis.

Other Options: IRIS on Nykaa Fashion has rose and jasmine potpourri that smell divine!

Luxe Reed Diffusers

Orchid & Vanilla Luxury Scented Reed Diffuser

Orchid & Vanilla Luxury Scented Reed Diffuser


Looking for super subtle or maybe just a hint of spritz? Reed diffusers are perfect for your home! And these once purchased work for a good couple of months, so why not? And we've found a super-luxe reed diffuser that's sure to teleport you into a posh showroom or a 5-star lobby. You can opt for multiple fragrances including Orchic & Vanilla, Amber & Velvet Rose, Jasmine & Tuberose, Pepper & Patchouli

Other Options: From Rosemoore to Artisan Lab, get a plethora of reed diffuser options at Nykaa Fashion.

 LBB Tip: We hear some of these fragrances even keep mosquitos away!

Scented Candles

Cranberry And Chamaonge Scented Candle - (3.75 x 3) Inches

Cranberry And Chamaonge Scented Candle - (3.75 x 3) Inches


Well, when it comes to scented candles, we've got loads and loads of options. (I mean it, 600+ options)! Of course, there are the classic options of rose, lavender or vanilla. But, if you're looking for something really unconventional, I'd say pick the Champagne by Rhuhee. 

Also, we hear the good folks ay Rhuhee uses German cologne to handcraft their scented candles! More deets here

Other Options: Browse through almost 500 candles on Nykaa Fashion.

Natural Incense Sticks

Natural Incense Sticks

Natural Incense Sticks

Simple and old school - agarbattis remain a favourite in every Indian household. If you're looking for some pretty interesting incense sticks in varied scents made from recycled flowers then go for Phool. Even Alia Bhatt has invested in Phool that focuses on 'flowercycling' technologies to upcycle cellulose waste and specialises in manufacturing charcoal-free incense and other wellness products. Not only do they smell divine and are soothing, but also help protect the environment. 

Other options: Sevgi makes handcrafted incense sticks. Even IRIS has some fun incense stick options.

Ceramic Diffusers

Blue Pottery Diffuser

Blue Pottery Diffuser


Apart from filling your room with aromatic magic, these diffusers also bring calm and increase productivity. So be rest assured your these will officially boost your mood. Just add 2 tablespoons of water and a few drops of essentials oils or add a scented candle to these diffusers. And voila, be prepped for the magic.  

Price: INR 699.

Other Options: Also check out the ceramic diffusers at Nykaa Fashion from IRIS and ExclusiveLane.

Electric Diffusers

Ultrasonic Diffuser Netted White

Ultrasonic Diffuser Netted White

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A diffuser dispenses essential oils into the air, making the entire space smell wonderful. All you need to do is add 10-15 drops of diffuser oil into the filled ultrasonic diffuser water tank and set the vibe. The IRIS Ultrasonic Diffuser is a fab choice as it’s small enough to fit in any space. Ultrasonic diffusers are a safe and popular choice for in-home use. Just remember to always operate a diffuser in a well-ventilated area.

Other OptionsHome Centre and Divine Aroma have a couple of electric diffuser options. Of course, MUJI is the place to get diffusers though. So Delhi and Mumbai folks, you know where to go. Everyone else, Marks & Spencer is catching up too! Or Mminiso!


Also, check out our amazing fragrances and perfumes! They smell divine, promise!


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