Bengalis truly live and love to eat. And when it comes to food cravings, there’s nothing else that can satiate their hunger for luchi-mangsho or aloo poshto and dal bhaat apart from an authentic home meal. So if you’re a homesick Bengali in Mumbai and want to eat the best Bengali food in the city, then make your way to Powai, where you will find four amazingly delicious eateries that will remind you of home in an instant.

Mutton Biryani At Peetuk

Photo source : Peetuk

Photo source : Peetuk

Serving tasty and very pocket-friendly Bengali food, Peetuk has everything from rolls to bhaja to kosha mangsho, biryani and thali options. Bengalis recommend this eatery for their amazing Kolkata-style mutton biryani {INR 220}. We’re told they make a very flavourful preparation that can instantly remind one of home. You can also try their other delicacies, but this ones a stand-out item for sure.

Hangla’s For Amazing Kathi Rolls


Photo source: Hangla’s

With branches all across the city, Hanglas is a popular eatery for quick rolls, chops, cutlets and more. Hangla’s literally means greedy, and it’s safe to say that when you get here, that’s what you might just be. We suggest you try any of their delicious and filling kathi rolls – including veg {INR 70}, chicken {INR 120} and mutton {INR 140}. Big and well-stuffed, these rolls will instantly satiate your hunger. Also, try their fish chops {INR 70} with amazing mustard chutney which are also quite deliciously made.

Fish Orly From Bijoli Grill


Photo source: Bijoli Grill

This famous restaurant from Kolkata has just one outlet in Mumbai, and boy, does it get crowded or what? They have a very expansive menu so making a choice here always gets tough. But Bengalis swear by the food here, and some of the favourites here include the paturi {bhetki for INR 350 and illish for INR 400}, the prawn malai curry {INR } and the typical Bengali pulao. But their bestselling and signature item is the fish orley {INR 350}, a delicacy a true seafood lover will not leave Bijoli Grill without eating.

Home-Style Food At Bhojohori Manna

Photo source: Bhojohori Manna

Photo source: Bhojohori Manna

Every Bengali loves bhojohori manna, and while the restaurant’s Oshiwara outlet is far superior to this one, you still won’t complain when you get here.

Some of our favourites here are their aloo dum and luchi and their aloo poshto-maoor dal-bhaat combination. Their various fish curries will remind you of maa ke haath ka khaana for sure. And while you may gorge on some incredibly delicious food, what you must have there is their notun gurer ice-cream {INR 130} which is literally divine. It’s made using a particular type of jaggery and its taste will have you wanting more.

Featured photo source: Bijoli Grill