Just Married: Honeymoon In India At These 5 Gorgeous Places

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We know, we know. It's been tough to plan everything virtually, wedding included. But things are slowly opening up for us now and we can consider heading out with all safety measure in place, of course. We've put together a list of places that you can head to for your honeymoon.


This one's a no-brainer. An easy drive from Mumbai, Alibaug is a great place to unwind and relax away from the stress of city life. Sunset walks by the beach, leafy forest trails, historic forts, it's easy to see why you might be tempted to spend a weekend or two at this beachside getaway.

Distance From Mumbai: Approximately 100 km

What We Love: Easy access via road or Ro-Ro Ferry. Plenty of good coastal cuisine and beachside strolls.


Yes, Lonavala is a classic. But while it might seem cliched, there's a reason why Lonavala is so popular with Mumbai folks. And no, it's not just Cooper's Fudge or Mangaldas Chikki. Especially gorgeous in Monsoons and the winter months, this hill station has verdant hills to get lost in and all the conveniences of a big city with the charm of a smaller town. It doesn't hurt that it's pretty easy to get to either. And yes, those rainy day waterfalls are romantic as hell.

Distance From Mumbai: Approximately 90 km

What We Love: Scenic waterfalls and viewpoints, plus plenty of luxury resorts to choose from


Igatpuri in Nashik District is charming to say the least. Plush with greenery around the Monsoons, it's equally enchanting in winter too. For couples with an outdoorsy soul, this lesser-known hill station is a great option to unwind and take in some natural beauty. Plus, if you're a wine enthusiast, it isn't too far from several vineyards spread out over the Nashik Wine District.

Distance From Mumbai: Approximately 120 km

What We Love: Greenery - lots and lots of it. Beautiful natural surroundings and a low-key and laid-back hill station vibe.


Mahabaleshwar isn't just about strawberries and cream. Well, we're not complaining about those, strawberries and cream is great. But with pleasant weather and mesmerising views, it's easy to find a spot, prop up your feet and just not move. If you're the outdoorsy type, there's all those trails and tabletops to conquer too.

Distance From Mumbai: Approx 260 kms

What We Love: Strawberry farm visits, gorgeous views and a relaxed atmosphere. Plus sightseeing if you're into that.


Yes, we picked another beach. Because can you really have enough of that toes-in-the-sand feeling? Ganpatipule is somewhat off the beaten track and boasts nothing fancy. What it does boast of though is soul-satiation coastal cuisine and beaches to get lost in for hours. If you're not big-time into 'seeing sights' and are happy to lounge about, this looks like a great option to us.

Distance From Mumbai: Approx 320 kms

What We Love: Relatively quiet beaches, down-to-earth food, and time away from the city


While places are opening up, we suggest you take all the due precautions while travelling. Do ensure that the resort you visit has all the necessary checks in place for your health and safety and keep up to date on travel restrictions prior to heading out. Please make sure you maintain social distancing and keep yourself safe.