What's In Your Stars? This App Uses NASA Data To Predict Your Horoscope

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What Makes It Awesome

Have we ever had a more uncertain year? Doubtful, right? Maybe that's what's prompted at least in part, the popularity of Co-Star, a personalised astrology app that uses your birth data - date, time and location to provide astrological insights into your day. Driven by AI, it blends tech and age-old astrology in what seems to be a hit combination going by its cult following and over 1M+ downloads on the Android store alone.  

I was introduced to the app when a friend asked me "you aren't on Co-Star, what have you been doing with your quarantine" and due to severe FOMO I had to download the app, stat, to find out what the hype was about. After signing in (either with your phone number or Facebook login - the app won't post on your Facebook feed) it welcomed me to the app and invited me to add friends. Then came a message and a dashboard of what to expect for the day with an easy to read chart of my sun sign, rising sign and moon sign. With cute icons and spiritual language, it directed my gaze inwards. The first question for the day "Do you complain about the same thing without taking action" made me blink twice as I had been spending the week trying and failing to get the washing machine repaired. It then asked me to spend a moment "concentrating on what you do have" which is always good advice, and proceeded to tell me "you may feel stuck dwelling on heavy or difficult thoughts. Don't let anyone tell you the desire for leisure and beauty is frivolous". Just what I wanted to hear. 

There are no grandiose declarations on finding the perfect job or love or miraculous lottery winnings with Co-Star. It merely offers insights into certain key areas of your life that you may not be consciously thinking about. And which you can explore through each of their sections: Power, Pressure, & Trouble. It's true that the language can sound cryptic, as most astrology does, and of course, it is very much a personal choice whether you subscribe to astrology or not. I for one will be keeping the app around at least for a while, if for nothing else than sheer curiosity, and also a few reminders to look inward, reflect and take cognisance of our surroundings never did hurt, right?


You can download the app on Google Playstore and iOS. You can adjust your privacy and tweak the app to your liking in their Settings section. You can see 5 days in total on the app so when I logged in, I could see Wednesday to Sunday, though the day at a glance is available only for the day itself or previous days. If you want to know more about your astrological chart, the app also has that handy with details for what each section means and how it affects your personality.