How About Some Sweet And Savoury Crêpes At This Cute Dessert Place

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What Makes It Awesome?

The Dough Code is at Versova is not much famous but in Mumbai but serves amazing coloured Creps!

It's a roadside facing shop which can easily accommodate 20 people on chairs outside on the seating area and around 8 people inside the shop!
The Pretty beautiful ambience with some decorations as wall hangers, a wall for first 100 customers feedback with a picture of them

Quite an innovative concept with the first coloured creps server, some sweet and savoury doughbies (mini donuts ).

So let's start with what all I craved for :
In Crepes:-
Pop it like its hot Crepe: A savoury non-veg Crepe with a lot of chicken with some veggies in it served in a cone-shaped crepe which was freshly prepared. Do try this spicy crepe as it was their personal recommendation and even my personal favorite.

Mix fruit Crepe: A dessert crepe which was made of 3 colours and served in a cone crepe this mainly included mix fruits, some biscuits crumps, whipped cream and white chocolate with some fruit drizzle. Beautifully presented and very well tasted as after meal this single crepe can make your day.

So I even tasted some of your doughbies:
Snowing Rainbow (Out of the menu): A small donut kind of spongy sweet ball with a lot of white chocolate over it and with a lot of sprinkles which really was very attractive and tasted delicious.

Oreo Shoreo: A cute name 'oreo shoreo' which was made of the same small dough ball the toppings were of overloaded chocolate, sprinkled white and brown choco chips with some crumbled pieces of the oreo biscuits were something which i couldn't resist trying.

Cheesy Peezy (Savoury): Served with doughbies along with the Nachos cheese toppings with red chilli flakes were really tasty. It was like having sweet and savoury at a time.

Banoughbies: Everything is in its name. Sweet doughbies along with some sweet caramel over it with slices of banana. Caramelized Banana in form of doughbies is a pretty new concept. So don't miss this opportunity to be among the first to try their unique menu.

Doughbies are served in a pack of 6 or pack of 12. Moreover, can't resist shakes anywhere so why shall I ignore it here.

Banoffee pie shake - Actually tasted like a banoffee pie which was blended and served with some banana and some crush pieces of cookies which tasted delicious. A perfect balance in terms of sweetness and thickness.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹500 - ₹1,000

Best To Go With?

Big Group, Bae

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