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    This Men’s Shirt Brand Celebrates Idiosyncrasy With Its Casual, Party & Formal Collection

    Abhijeet posted on 08 August


    What’s the bar for a good, men’s shirt? Something that fits well, feels comfortable, accentuates your personal style, and on occasion, attracts the stranger’s eye? If the answer is yes, read on, for Le Fou {term comes from the unpredictable nature of the game of tarots} just launched its range of men’s and kids’ {yeah} shirts and here’s why it deserve an introduction.

    Can You Please Shirt Up?

    Le Fou is a contemporary brand that idealises wear-what-you-want attitude and celebrates the idiosyncrasies {you know the thing that gives us personality} of an individual. By making high quality, comfortable men’s shirts with designs that inspire a carefree way of life, it’s very well the time to give your wardrobe a good jiggle {and perhaps to your toddler’s too}.

    Are You Shirting Me?

    Le Fou launched with three separate collections this month. The first in line is the Chalk & Cheese {we like that name} collection, which gives our love for everything casual {kidding} a visible twist. With added sleeve details and hand-sewn buttons, this range is surely being added in our cart.

    Party Like A Rockstar

    While the above collection is all about daily casuals, the next in line is a very neat range for afternoon soirees and partying. Craftily called Like Night & Day, made using 2-ply cotton {2 yarns twisted to make a thread}, and modishly designed with monochrome prints, trust us, going out will never be this fun.

    Office Office

    Off White Ties & Tales is the final range that bolsters the notion of the most interesting man {we all aspire to that}. With crisp falls and concealed plackets, our work-day outfit has finally found an interesting upgrade.

    So We Are Saying..

    If you have got an occasion, Le Fou has the answer. With all three collections available for both men and kids, time to give this monsoon a Le Fou twist. Also, they only have 5 pieces per design {1 in each size}, and that makes each shirt unique, and your chance of running into a fellow Le Fou-er, frankly, nil.

    So hurry and check out the complete range of shirts here. Follow Le Fou on Facebook and Instagram and be updated with the latest drops.

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