Delicious Waffles Made With Healthy Idli Batter! Woah!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Balaji Idli xpress - Kitkat Waffles

Exactly as their tag line “ No maida, 100% idli”. Who could ever imagine replacing maida with idli. What a great thought. Its right from basic Idli, dosa to Idli pizzas, idli waffles, idli sizzlers, idli fries, idli tornados, etc

I tried Kitkat waffle which was crispy just like waffle and loaded with Dark chocolate, white chocolate and milk chocolate sauces and dressed with KitKat toppings. It was a really great fusion to eat. Like idli's base with hot dessert on it.

Surely even if you don’t like Idli. You’d still love this fusion as it tastes so yummy to distinguish between a waffle and idli

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