IKEA Opens Its Wishlist Portal And You Can Start Adding To Cart

Bhavika posted on 03 July

Ten-Second Takeaway

IKEA, the Swedish furniture conglomerate we have drooled over from afar, is opening a branch in Maharashtra as well, confirmed by this report.


After announcing its big opening in Hyderabad in June this year, IKEA is now said to open a branch in Navi Mumbai and then, Bangalore. As reported by Indian Express here, IKEA plans to open this second branch in India in January 2019. And as the opening date for Hyderabad store inches closer, IKEA has recently launched an online catalogue where you can go through their products and add your favourites to your wishlist, so you know what to splurge on when the store finally opens.

The location is said to be Turbhe, Navi Mumbai. As per the reports, the store will cover a massive area of 4,30,000 sq. ft. IKEA is known for its clean, do-it-yourself furniture pieces that one assembles at home. Their furniture is modern, lightweight and utilitarian, ranging across furnishing for bed, bath, kitchen, dining and more.

Although, as per this article by Live Mint, IKEA in Navi Mumbai may introduce delivery and assembly services for the Indian audience, due to their heavy reliance on public transport. In the future, they will add an e-commerce option for sales in India as well.

What's More?

We’re told by cousins overseas and afar that IKEA’s food line is one worth waiting for. We’re glad to tell you that according to this report, this gigantic store will also house a 1000-seater Swedish and Indian restaurant.

So, We're Saying...

Here are all the details we have till now. We’ll let you know when it’s time to drive down to IKEA and get your own Swedish mojo home.