Imagine Café At Mulund West Has Crazy Good Vegan Food

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What Makes It Awesome

It’s easy to associate vegan fare with rabbit food, and we’re guilty of presuming it’s mostly tofu and almonds (sorry) but the new wave of vegan cafes has opened us up to a world of lowkey sinful fare that is, of course, #conscious, too.

The list of all-vegan restaurants in the city today isn’t really long, and to know that there’s a far-flung joint in the depths of Mulund West had us curious for quite a while. We finally did head here, on a sunny afternoon, famished.

The cafe itself is a simple space - booths, tables, and minimalistic colour-blocked walls. There’s a vertical garden which is honestly adorable and adds life (heh) to the decor. We sat ourselves in a booth, and asked for the star dishes, excited and nervous.

First came the Mozzarella Cheese Sticks. Our expectations were pretty low, and knowing that the mozzarella is vegan had us feeling pretty sure the dish would never compare to the cheese sticks that we know and love. Needless to say, we were supremely surprised. A single bite into one of the sticks made a few things very clear - the crunch on the crumb coating is HELLA satisfying, the vegan cheese in there is surprisingly cheese-y in taste, and that we actually didn’t miss that legendary mozzarella cheese pull, either.
Then came the famous Quiche. Made with unMutton keema (a Mutton substitute that is freakily similar in taste to the real stuff), TONS of vegan cheese, and veggies, all encased in flaky pastry, it was a dish that could’ve sufficed as a meal for one.
The Loaded Nachos followed, and they were the perfect finger food for two. We didn’t even notice that the cheese sauce wasn’t actual cheese.

The Blueberry Cheesecake followed. Fair disclaimer: this one doesn’t have the tart sweetness of the traditional cheesecake, and it isn’t as soft, but this was mind-blowingly delicious, irrespective! The layers held well and didn’t disintegrate, and it wasn’t sickly sweet, either. While this isn’t a dish that would cheat the cheesecake loyalist, we loved it as a vegan alternative.

Head here if you’re trying to transition to veganism, or if you’re feeling experimental! We’re pretty sure you’re gonna have a super satisfying meal, either way.

How Much Did It Cost

Under ₹500

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Family, Bae

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