Inclusive Stickers, Queer Art Prints & Intersectional Art: Queer Made Has It All

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We’ve curated something compelling, partnering with Tinder and the Gaysi Family! What’s that? A dedicated space for all things Queer Made. ICYMI, Tinder, LBB and Gaysi Family are coming together to provide a digital space for products, services and businesses owned and run by India’s queer community. 

With Queer Made, we hope to enable and empower entrepreneurial voices- and we’ve come across some stellar businesses who you can discover and shop from! If you’ve got a penchant for stickers, larger than life illustrations, creative stationery and all things art, you’ve got to check out these brands & makers: 

Sassage Stickers - Laksha and Nakul

If you love stickers as much as we do, you need to check them out. Based out of Bangalore, Sassage Stickers, by Laksha and Nakul, is a queer-run, inclusive sticker store. It attempts to create awareness through these stickers, with themes ranging around mental health, self care, and the LGBTQIA+ community. Be it a sticker on love, a heart shaped pride flag or a pun-intended cinnamon roll, you lay your eyes on one of ‘em, you will definitely end up buying a bunch! Stick it on your backpack, your handbag or on your coffee mug - it’ll definitely spruce up the look. 

Originalblend - Ashar Ruben


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Don’t we all love a good piece of art! Ashar Ruben’s Originalblend creates magic with all kinds of art, ranging from illustrations, digital portraits, merch, art prints, paintings and graphic works. Whether it's digital art about our favourite Harry Styles’ Watermelon Sugar High, or a chic black hoodie with a quirky print, you can find it all here. One glance at originalblend’s art and you’ll realise every artwork makes a statement. Taking it a notch higher, Originalblend will also customise it for you, whether it’s digital or traditional artwork. Give it a look.  

The Mo Sho - Mo

While we may be scrolling and checking out art on our screen, here we’ve got Mo using their phone to create charming digital artworks. These works can be customised and turned into stickers. Right from depicting a plain cuppa coffee or a moon lit evening sky by the lake, you can find depth and meaning behind each artwork.  And hey! You could even get ‘em printed and framed for that favourite corner in your house or at work. Using art as a medium, The Mo Sho is creating content around queer community. The artworks are  ‘Pay As You Like’, making it accessible for everyone. Go be generous. 

Debangana Illustrations

Debangana makes queer and women-centric custom illustrations. Debangana’s motto is to make people feel or see things differently through her customised art. She facilitates conversations through her art whether it’s talking about history of pride in Bengal, mental well being in the queer universe, etc. Using upcycled packaging for all the products, Debangana makes affordable custom notebook covers (e.g. - an amalgamation of epic Hollywood movies), business cards, prints, and, queer and women centric illustrations. 

That’s quite a bunch of super creative folks with an interesting set of artworks to choose from. And we can’t wait to get our hands on ‘em. We urge you to check them out, support them by purchasing from them and show some love y’all!