This Place Adds A Lot Of Weight To Thane's Food Scenes With Their Menu

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What Makes It Awesome?

Location, Ambiance & Service:

India Bistro is probably the best dine-in restaurants at thane, though classified as casual dining, its more towards fine dining. The restaurant has started the concept of clay pot under the name clay pot festival for a limited period of time. This concept is sure to take you back to the roots. This place serves exotic Indian cuisine from across India with a more modern touch to it and to ensure it suits the palate of Indian customers.

Starters & Mocktails:

Coconut lychee mocker:- We decided to go for one cream based mocktail and one ice based mocktail. Coconut lychee surely was the winner amongst the two. Neither of the flavours overpowered the other in taste and was soothing and scintillating. Recommended

Mandarin basil caipiroska :- This one is the mocktail version and not the vodka infused one. Filled with basil and ice cubes, a version of orange fruit juice and slices, lime added for a good taste though the cubes were a lot in number. One time try!

Panco crusted jodhpuri chilli:- Authentic Jodhpuri chilli were filled with melted cheese, cubes of cottage cheese after cooking it, the red chilli based masala to add the authentic taste of Indian origin. The point is to take a single bite of the entire piece of chilli except for the stem part. Amazing and unique. Recommended!

Firangi paneer:- Heavy slices of cottage cheese cooked and pan tossed with peri-peri sauces. The cooking was absolutely perfect as the peri-peri could penetrate the layers of paneer so that every bite has the texture. The dish is served on a grill. Recommended.

Tandoori Khum:- A stuffed mushroom preparation from the tandoori part of the cuisine which is very close to the hearts of Indians. The cap-like mushrooms which can be opened up filled in with vegetables and closed. I could not get a good click of it though it was well presented. The mushroom was not rubbery as it tends to become and worth trying.

Main course & Desserts:

Kadhai Paneer with lotus stem:- Lotus stem is one of my favourites if not the most favourite of all the components used to prepare some modern Indian dishes. This one was mixed with kadhai paneer (though tasted on part with sweetish makhanwala) for the main course menu and served with the bread basket. The kulcha and paneer were the ideal combinations. 

Dal double fry:- The endeavour of getting a homely taste with the tadka was a successful experience or a chef genius in this case. 2 vaati of tasty daal ended our main course expedition from the clay pot festival. Recommended

Phrini Kesar da:- The rice pudding popular from the Indian subcontinent though not on par with what I have tasted before, was intriguing in its presentation and feeling of satisfaction at the end of a meal. Worth trying once for sure.

Damages should be around INR 1,500 for 2!

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

Best To Go With?

Family, Big Group, Bae

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