Miss Travelling? Watch These Indian Travel Shows To Fuel Your Wanderlust

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Feet getting itchy? Well, we feel you. Because, what's a good life without some wandering, amirite travellers? And even though you had to cancel/reschedule all your travel plans, and miss seeing that mighty mountain or the salty sea, we've got your back. We've curated a list of some Indian travel shows that you can binge on while you're working from home. Watch them until you hit the roads again! 


Soulmates focuses on something that's very common while you travel - attachments between two people. Produced by Zoom Studios, this one's a story of Priyanshu and Anshul, who happen to bump into each other in Shillong. While both had a different purpose of travelling to the North East initially, the episodes show you how their interests collide and how they get used to each other's company. Set in the picturesque backdrop of Shillong and a remote island in the North East, this simple story is sure to move you. 

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The Zanskar Series

If your love for the hills is eternal, and immortal, then Ronnie and Barty's Zanskar Series is for you. From sleeping under the stars, to navigating challenging routes and passes, to checking out the remotest of monasteries, to halting in offbeat villages in the Zanskar Valley near Kargil; this series is for travellers who go all out to embrace nature, culture, and people. Allow Rahul and Bharti a.k.a Ronnie & Barty to take you through the larger-than-life valleys and villages in all the four episodes. 

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Caravan Chronicles

Everyone dreams of owning a caravan, and driving through the countryside, right? But in Caravan Chronicles, we see Sharanya Iyer (a.k.a TrulyNomadly on Instagram) and Ankita Kumar (a.k.a MonkeyInc on Instagram) actually living that dream as they wander through the offbeat villages and towns of Sikkim. Their 30-day journey inside a caravan that's called Luna, shows the challenges, the friendship, and the beauty of the landscapes that Sikkim has to offer. Hop on to their home-on-wheels virtually and feel some more wanderlust in you! 

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TVF Tripling

Would you ever consider a road trip with your siblings? The Viral Fever's Tripling featuring Sumeet Vyas, Maanvi Gagroo and Amol Parashar, shows three siblings (Chandan, Chanchal, and Chitvan) taking off on an unplanned (and unforgettable) road trip to Rajasthan to meet their parents. Together, they're carrying their mountain of issues too. Are they able to solve their problems during the course of the journey? Or, does it all pile up and create more problems? Watch to see if they find themselves, because Tripling is really a trip worth taking! 

Stream It On: YouTube & the TVF app/TVF Play

World Of MG: Homecoming

Travel heals you in more ways than one. It often heals you more when your travel partner's on the same page as you. And Homecoming is exactly about that. Produced by Tripoto, it features Ayush Mehra and Aisha Ahmed, road tripping through South India. Join them in their once-in-a-lifetime journey as they discover food, landscapes, never-heard-of traditions, and even themselves on this trip. 

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Have you ever fallen in love with someone while travelling? If that's a yes then you must give this mini web-series by Alright a chance. It's about two people who meet on a trip in Himachal Pradesh, and befriend two more awesome folks while the journey progresses. Together, the four of them set the house on fire as they explore places, and eventually, the lead characters- Kanan and Era go all Bollywood and fall in love. Though the plot's a bit predictable, who doesn't like love stories set in the backdrop of the Himalayas anyway? Watch all the three (very short) episodes to relive your times, maybe? 

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Take Me To Nagaland

The best part about travel Influencer Tanya Khanijow is that her videos are very real. And in Take Me To Nagaland, she features modern Naga lifestyle, Naga cuisine, and the fashion revolution that has taken place in the state over the years. Tanya effortlessly gets into conversations with the local tribes of Nagaland, gets to know about the prevailing pop-culture there, and makes you want to book your flight tickets soon! 

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Kalki's Great Escape

Yet another show featuring the serenity of North East India, this one focuses on actress Kalki Koechlin and her father Joel, who embark on a motorcycling expedition in the different valleys of the seven sisters. The trip helps them connect with the local culture and traditions of the North East. Presented by Fox Life India, needless to say, the landscapes and rides will spark the adrenaline rush in you. 

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Gotta Do India

This one's Youtuber Scherezade Shroff's channel, where she gives you a virtual tour of interesting places, sights, and structures in the country. Be it Darjeeling's ropeways and toy trains, and Bangalore's Cubbon Park, or shopping in Shillong's Police Bazaar or eating Jodhpuri meals in Rajasthan, you'll find the elements of India in her vlogs. Plus, they're shot pretty organically, so you feel like you're with her. 

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