Longing For Greenery? Buy Indoor Plants From These E-stores & Nurseries

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If you’ve got a flat in Mumbai by now, you may have made peace with crammed spaces. Unless you’re one of the few lucky ones who have the luxury to own a garden space, you’re making do with whatever you’ve got – balconies, living room corners or even a make-shift indoor garden. If you’re just starting out, find our guide to nurseries that supply indoor plants. Stay green, stay happy, friend.

P.S: If you're buying plants, it is obvious that you'll be needing gorgeous planters at some point of time. Allow us to help you! 

Unlimited Greens

True to its name, this Delhi-based brand has an unlimited variety when it comes to all things plants and gardening. Unlimited Greens has over a thousand varieties in plants along with pots, planters, seeds, seedlings, gardening tools as well as accessories for décor. Apart from that, they've got an entire section dedicated to gifting related supplies. 

Shell Out: INR 290 onward

Air Plant Planet

Plants that require nothing more than air? Air plants are the newest source of oxygen that you didn’t know exist. The plants from the Tillandsia family are available at Air Plant Planet, and they survive largely by absorbing the moisture in the atmosphere and basking in ambient (and not necessarily direct) sunlight around them. This brand sell plants by themselves, but getting them in cute planters from the store will save you some effort.

Shell Out: INR 250 onward

Art & Soil

Art & Soil

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If you are thinking of decorating your space with plenty of greens, look no further than Art and Soil's cutesy terrariums. They sell air plants, cacti, and succulents that can add some green punch in your abode. These come in pretty, glass bowls which can be placed on coffee tables, dining table, your desk, and anywhere you want to brighten up the space. 

Shell Out: INR 450 onward

Zen Gardens

ZEN Gardens

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This brand's got some really cool, quirky and zen collection that your garden is sure to love. Think terrariums, succulents, fragrance salt scrubs or the classic lucky bamboo plant. They've also got funky car-themed planters and mini-gardens.  

Shell Out: INR 500 onward

The Green Bowl

The Green Bowl by Bandra-based Leah Umrigar is a wonderful brand that sells handmade terrariums that will lighten up even the dullest of corners in your home. Leah specialises in sourcing indoor plants, and will customize the terrarium according to your needs. In fact, get in touch with her and she will guide you as to which plant, or size of terrarium is suitable for your house.

Shell Out: A simple terrarium starts at INR 1,600. 

P.S. She will also customize these if you’re looking to gift it to someone, with a personalized message on a pebble, or rock.

Gift My Plants

This brand is all about gifting plants in all shapes and forms including in-trend terrariums, mini planters, succulents, and wallflowers. These green gifts, according to us, make the perfect gift for any occasion -- birthday to farewell, simply because they brighten up the space. 

Shell Out: INR

Floraland Nursery

Remember when we told you about Floraland Nursery in Bandra? Their collection is huge and includes ferns, money plants, flowers and herbs. You can also shop for garden accessories that include hanging planters, idols and animal-shaped pots. If you’re looking for simple herbs, ferns or potted plants, go here to buy them all.

Shell Out: A simple fern plant (with pot) come for INR 50 and upward.

Ankur Nursery, Chembur

This Chembur-based nursery has been around for decades. You can buy cherry tomatoes (to grow in your pot), cactus and ferns that require less care or sunlight aka perfect for your living room. From an array of services they offer up, they have a really good and fresh stock of plants, and flowers. Ankur offers gardening tools, seeds for keeping up the health of the plants and even tips on how to maintain a plant in the best way possible.

Shell Out: INR 850 onward


You can also check out these other nurseries that will home-deliver your plants.


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