We Found An Ice Cream Cake That Looks Like Stained Glass At Indulge In Mulund

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Love cakes? You must check out the delicious options from Indulge – The Cake Shop at Mulund West.

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Every cake that we have tried at Indulge has raised our standards for cakes. Any flavour – be it chocolate, velvet or a fruit flavour, they’re all just too good to describe. We had tried raw mango and mango cake which had aam panna and they were the most unique cakes ever tried. Their white velvet cake is also amongst our favorites.

This place is perfect for cakes for every occasion. The owner Faye is a very warm person who is passionate about baking . We love her specialty- a stained glass cake which is an ice-cream cake that takes 48 hours prior notice, but when you get it, it’s amazing. Mango gateaux during the mango season is to die for, the walnut fudge filled fudge cake is another one that we’re currently obsessing over.

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Nobody ever says no to a good cake, and we’re sure you won’t either.


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