Indulge In Guilt-Free & Delicious Desserts From The Odd Hour Kitchen

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We love the wholesome and delicious desserts from The Odd Hour Kitchen for their amazing variety, flavour and because they help us stick to our diet.

Chow Down

Started by theatre personality Shivani Vakil Savant, The Odd Hour Kitchen {TOHK} serves two kinds of desserts – the guilt-free and the real deal. So look forward to some healthy deliciousness in the form of granola jars {cranberry/hazelnut/dark chocolate/apricot-pistachio-walnuts/peanut butter-dark chocolate; sugar-free for INR 450/200gm}, dark chocolate almond torte {gluten-free INR 1,500/1kg}, dark chocolate wholewheat oats-banana cake {fat-free INR 500/400gm}, dark chocolate fudge cookies {egg-less, INR 960 for 12}, vegan tea cakes {price as per size and flavour} and more.

For those who don’t worry {or couldn’t care less} when it comes to desserts, there’s a lot waiting for you too. Order in Brookies {their signature brownie-cookie hybrid, INR 480 for 12}, Nutella cookie cups {INR 420 for 12}, chocolate sable cookies {INR 1,200 for 12}, orange yogurt/ orange-basil syrup cake {price as per size}, Brooklyn devil {sinful devil’s food meets light Brooklyn blackout cake, INR 1,200/ 1kg} and much, much more.

Shivani makes desserts she loves to eat, so look forward to a menu that keeps evolving and changing. She also sells jams and sauces {INR 300 a jar} in various flavours, so you have plenty to choose from. You could pick up the goodies from either her Chembur or Napean Sea Road residences, of have them home-delivered {delivery only till Santacruz with extra charges}. Click here to get in touch with them.

So, We’re Saying…

Go ahead and get yourself some amazingly sinful {and healthy} desserts.