All Hearts This Beautiful Persian Lounge With Extensive Decor & Scrumptious Food!

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What Makes It Awesome?

Mumbai gets its newest Parisian lounge with a chic decor that spells female dominance and is displayed beautifully with red hues, artistic paintings and a classy vibe.

Invincible Boudoir And Jardin is located at Hill Road Bandra in C'est La Vie compound. The dark dim lighted ambience here resembles a private room of ladies which is the real meaning of the word 'Boudoir'. The highlight of the ambience is the wall painted in red and blue colours with a portrait of a woman that illustrates an unconstrained, invincible nature. The lavish interiors offer a comfortable seating atmosphere with cosy sofas, a dance floor and nightly party sensations worth remembering.

The restaurant follows a European style of cooking with aesthetic plating of food and finishing touches to each that blends in great flavours. The elongated bar with a glowing backdrop is what will drive you towards it, having heady cocktails with creative concoctions will evoke the inner party animal in you. Along with the European food, the place also offers bar nibbles that pair well with your drinks.

The Double Jeopardy is one not to be missed out on, a mozzarella cheese fritter spiced with jalapeños, cottage cheese and spinach has a sharp savoury appetizing flavour with the gooeyness of stringy cheese. Worth it! Crispy Korean Chicken Croquets are the non-vegetarian version of this without cheese, stuffed with tangy spicy minced chicken and a crispy layer to munch on.

Among the drinks The Str Back, a coffee-infused cocktail is mind-blowing to taste. The brilliant bitter flavour of cold brew infused vodka and a great balance of coconut and chilli gives a lovely taste. Frida, a spice-infused drink powered with tequila and grapefruit makes the citrus touch refreshing. The Honey Moon is more of a whisky sour in taste, as you get the orange and honey flavours rolling in. The Madame Butterfly is an aesthetically pleasing drink with a Honey Foam garnish and smooth flavours of gin, brandy and match that adds a brilliant spirited taste of this.

In mains, Roti Canai With Seafood Kedgeree is a contrasting dish that is weirdly likeable. The butter chicken, roti and cheesy risotto-like with indo flavours and shrimps mixed 3 part dish. The butter chicken is rich with tanginess and juicy to taste, while the risotto is creamy with perfectly cooked shrimps giving a good juicy crunch.

To end your mean, the Blueberry Pannacotta is worth having. This jiggly dessert topped with blueberry compote will sweeten your tastebuds with melt in mouth pudding.

The restaurant has a really good service that matches with the luxurious decor. The place is a perfect getaway for alpha females to bring the party animal out in them into this restaurant designed like a private room, and enjoy to the fullest.

How Much Did It Cost?

₹1,000 - ₹3,000

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