Ten-Second Takeaway

Andheri’s Social numero duo, this one in Versova throws the others into the water. We, the people of LBB, put our investigative pants on and scoured the place just before it opened.

In The Jungle, The Mighty Jungle


The opening of a new branch of Social is much like the start of a new year. We know it’s coming, but it takes us by surprise every time.


You’d be surprised at how big this branch is, with three floors all to itself. Versova Social has been designed as an airy Victorian greenhouse, and you can see the influence through the interiors on every floor. Not to point out the obvious, but it is so, so green. Right from the fun leafy wallpaper to the upholstery and the genuine/fake plants on the walls.


The interiors are opulent and with plush armchairs and huge sofas to sink into.

The Levels


Enter the ground floor, and you will be greeted by a small seating area and a shop selling the social goodies {you know those tiny, adorable shot bottles you’ve rightfully assumed were yours and took back home?}, as a gentle reminder that this time, please pay for them.


The first floor has a huge indoor space, with a smaller courtyard space which will serve as the workstation as part of their Work From Social. The second floor has an open bar and a larger outdoor courtyard,

What About Food?

The social menu remains vastly the same, except they’ve added gunpowder baby potatoes and chicken kebab magic. This Social also caters to those who say, ‘There’s nothing as filling as dal yaa.’ with their Indian section with Black Label Butter Chicken, dal makhani, paneer makhani. Look forward to a fish-and-chips burger.

So, We’re Saying…


This looks like one of the most chiller Socials we have seen, and can’t wait to be spending time there.

Versova Social opens doors on Tuesday, Jan 10 at 6pm.

Photos: Aman Deshmukh/LBB