Gadgets, Toys & More: Shop For Almost Anything At Irla Lane In Mumbai

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What Makes It Awesome

Irla Lane is your one-stop shopping junction! There are almost 20-25 stores for phone accessories and you can take your pick and even bargain in most of them! There also also saree stores and the lane thrives with options for apparel such as Aishwarya sarees and other labels.

If you are looking for electronics, the multiple Alfa Stores offer numerous discounts! The Alfa Stores also offer show pieces, crockery and imported food items such as chocolates. For every food purchase you could stop by at Trendy Taste which also serves delectable live chaats and potato twisties. The new humongous Bata store has recently cropped up to take care of your footwear needs.

Last but not the least, Prime Mall in Irla Lane has stores with Bandhani silk sarees and western dresses with Rajasthani prints. The book and toy store at the right end of the ground floor sells both brand new and second hand books and houses great stationery as well. Do stop by at this #BagOfAwesome!

What Could Be Better?

Irla Lane should have more parking space to accommodate all the shopper's vehicles.

What's My Pro Tip?

Mobiles can cost considerably lesser if purchased without a bill at Alfa!

Anything Else?

{Photo Courtesy: Find Me Decor, Priti's Pretty Blog, and RJD Souza's website}