Matte & Glossy: I've Been Using The Balm Products For Over A Month & Here's What I Think

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What Makes It Awesome?

Here's the thing with beauty products- everything always looks irresistible. You want it all- the glossy lipsticks, shiny highlighters, the dense mascara and whatnot. But when you're trying something new, it's always good to play safe. I've been watching The Balm's social media handles for a while and when they finally launched in India, I was super excited. And after the million YouTube videos I'd already seen, I knew the products I absolutely had to test- the Mary Lou Manizer and the Matte Hughes liquid lipstick. Now let's start with the former. 

If you've been on the lookout for a fabulous highlighter, meet the reigning Queen sitting beautifully on her throne- Mary Lou Manizer. It's everything you want and more. The shimmery, honey-hued luminizer has been the centre of attention every single time I've used it. After having watched a few hundred beauty blogger videos that spoke so highly of this product, I had to use it to figure out what the fuss was all about. Now I know. On the dullest of days, this product has made my face shine and given me the kind of glow I'd only see on YouTube videos. I love the fact that you don't need to use too much of it on your face. Since it's a highlighter, shadow and shimmer in one, it's a must-have in your beauty kit. The long-lasting, sharp pigments are a definite plus.

Moving on to the liquid lipstick, the Matte Hughes is a killer new addition to my favourites. Not too dry and long lasting, it's definitely one of the best matte lipsticks out there in the market. However, I'd suggest using a little lip balm before you apply this Balm on your lips- always a good idea. The lipstick makes the lips look fuller, and honestly who doesn't like a beautiful pout, eh? They also have a lovely lip gloss, just FYI.

Overall, I'm a fan of The Balm Cosmetics and totally recommend it to all beauty lovers (please see the above photo of me having used the products on my face for a better understanding). It's value for money and your skin will love it.

The products are available on, select Nykaa On Trend and Luxe stores across the country, and Health & Glow, High Street Phoenix, Mumbai. Go get them now.

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