It's Fry-O-Clock: The J Has Opened A New Outlet In Mazgaon & We're Getting Those Loaded Fries

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The J, makers of the cheesiest and craziest fries ever, is spreading the love with its newest outlet, now open in Mazgaon.

Always Time For Fries

We have loved, devoured and finished the fries by The J every time we’ve had our hands on them, and they’ve loved us back. From just two outlets in Bandra and Churchgate last year, the company has opened up 10 {that’s right, ten!}.

The latest outpost is near Mazgaon circle, and characteristic to the other joints, it’s a small takeaway, or a stand-and-binge sort of set up with just a few tables to sit at.

The menu is a classic The J menu, with chilli cheese fries, pizza fries, nacho fries all served to you in a big cone for you to binge from. They have added two awesome flavours which we cannot wait to try out, though: a magic fries, which is essentially cheese maggi with bits of our beloved maggi and maggi masala in it. There’s also a burrito fries with chipotle sauce, beans, cheese and lots of Mexicano flavours. Clearly, this is not the place for the non-experimental {though they do offer plain fries with a succinct disclaimed: meh}.

The fries come priced moderately starting at INR 100 and goes up to INR 160 at most. Jain fries are also available, in case you’re wondering.

So, We're Saying...

It’s time. Go ahead and forget that you ever were on a diet. It’ll make the process easier.


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