Did You Know Jack's Pizza Is One Of SoBo's Best Kept Secrets?

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We uncovered a well-kept secret that SoBo has been keeping from us, and it’s about one of the best pizzas in town.

What’s The Secret?

Jack’s Pizza is a home delivery service on Grant Road that delivers to nearby areas such as Peddar Road, Chowpatty, Churchgate and around. Thin crust is their speciality, and they ace it with the sauce here.

We first had our first slice of Jack’s at a house party, and loved it. They make 9-inch and 12-inch pizza, and have options such as the Mexicana, pesto paneer, ai funghi, mac-n-cheese pizza, four cheese pizza in the vegetarian options. They are priced starting at INR 325 upward.

Non vegetarians can choose polo pizza, balsamic chicken, chicken tikka and more as options. These start at INR 415.

The only drawback is that they seem to get slightly lazy when it comes to actually cutting the pizza, and the slices are sort of hard to separate when you’re reaching out for it.

So, We're Saying...

We love the pizza here, and think you should give it a try too.


As delicious as the pizza usually is, we find that you do have to be patient about their service. It’s best if you give them a call to confirm your order.


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