Save This: A Student's Guide To Eating Around Jai Hind College Under INR 200

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Ten-Second Takeaway

New to Jai Hind, always hungry or simply work around Churchgate area? Follow this student’s guide to eating on a budget near the college.

ISH Canteen

The International Student Hostel Canteen is most visited by all kinds of Jai Hind students – the latecomers, the early risers, the back-benchers. All unite at this joint for a filling brekkie at a reasonable cost. If you’re visiting, you really don’t need to carry more than a 200-rupee-note.

What should you order? Make that one paneer chilly and one plate anda bhurji, please.


Stadium is where the really delicious breakfast is, so if you work around Churchgate and haven’t grabbed some grub there, what have you even done? From egg biryani to bread pudding, chicken thali to brun-maska, this is the place to go.

What should you order? Make that one keema pav.

K. Rustom & Co.

The palm-shaped ice-cream sandwiches between crispy wafers have been the highlight of most who have ever visited K. Rustom. This small, slightly run-down establishment serves the best ice-creams in classic and innovative flavours. And these babies only cost INR 30–70. Talk about good things, small packages.

What should you order? Their most popular sweet treat is the walnut crunch ice-cream sandwich. It really is awesome.

The J

The J, although close to HR College, is the place you should go to for the best and most variety of fries. If you’re a firm believer of fries before guys, you’ve gotta go here for insane combinations such as chilli cheese fries, pizza fries, tandoori chili fries and more. These are super filling and cost only about INR 100.

What should you order? Magic fries {using maggi magic masala and fried maggi}.

Gaylord's Bakery

Feeling hungry before class? Just hop, skip and jump over to Gaylord’s Bakery and get a quick bite for cheap – be it a croissant, a slice of pizza, stuffed patties or more.

What should you order? Jelly cubes, chocolate eclairs, chicken kiev, garlic toast

Churchgate Khaogalli

The khao galli close to Churchgate station has got food treasures that even proper brick-and-mortar eateries cannot offer. From amazingly succulent fish thalis, sandwiches with all kinds of fillings, and more.

What should you order? Kacchi kairi soda from the stall at the start of the lane, and the pani puri.

Check this link for more details on the food.


Vendors Opposite Churchgate Station

The many food-sellers that stand outside Churchgate station {near A road} may have miscellaneous faces, but they also do dole out the best {and cheapest} things to eat, especially in cases of food emergencies. For instance, did ya know that there’s an excellent eggs and bun-maska maker who sells these items starting about 3.30 in the morning? Talk about being a saviour.

Another fellow serves the hottest, most flavoursome medu vadas, while another makes south Indian. Dosa on the go? Sounds delightful to us.


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