Spice Up Your Meals: Get Prawn, Date, & Meal Pickles From This Indie Brand

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What Makes It Awesome

If you're from a typical Indian household, you're familiar with the different kinds of achaars your mother and grandmother keep making, aren't you? You may be having the perfect meal in front of you but it will still remain incomplete without the right punch of something sweet and sour to go with it. Your mommy dearest, however, can take some rest now and allow Joan's Homemade Pickles to intervene here. Why? Because this indie brand goes beyond the usual lemon pickle and does crazy fusions of ingredients! (We're talking prawn and meat pickle here!) Read on and drool, folks! 

Joan's Homemade is a Kerala brand that has reinvented the age-old pickle recipes, and given a contemporary twist to the traditional tastes. The ingredients are all homegrown and natural, and an old culinary method is used to make the pickles. There's a Date and lemon pickle, a peanut and dry prawn pickle, a minced buffalo meat pickle, soya chunks pickle, and a buffalo meat and coconut pickle- all absolutely gobsmacking. They also do basics like the dry mango and spicy lemon pickle from INR 333 onward, all the pickles are delish, and you'll really be tempted to finish one jar within a day. 

This brand's brilliance and creativity doesn't end here because they've got a whole range of herbal ghee, ghee with shallots and even fruit marmalades. For now, there's a grape marmalade and also an orange fig marmalade that is the perfect match for your breads/rotis. So if you're looking for the perfect side companion for your meals, you know you can count on Joan's Homemade, right? Because we're sure that you're convinced already. 


The best part about these pickles is that they can be used in burgers, sandwiches, or even your main dishes. Just use a spoonful to make things unique and give them a tasty twist! Due to COVID-19 restrictions, they might not delivering through their website. You could however, buy their products through other e-commerce platforms.


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