Hit Up Just Food In Borivali West For Delicious And Filling Shawarmas

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I recently hit up a small shop in IC colony named Just Food, which is all about amazing shawarmas.

Chow Down

Just Food makes the best shawarmas in various sizes {and at an affordable price}. The biggest one is around INR 150, which is enough for a light dinner. The shawarmas are juicy, well-stuffed and always served hot.

The owner, who is from the Middle East, runs the shop with his family, and I highly recommend talking to them as they will have great recommendations and stories about their adventures as well.

Anything Else?

There isn’t much place to sit around, with only two or three plastic chairs and some low-level walls in front. The place is usually crowded with college students from around, who stop by to have a quick and low cost snack. The shop opens between 5:30pm to 9pm daily.

So, We're Saying...

It’s easy to miss as it’s not a very big outlet, and is crammed between neighbouring shops. The easiest way to reach is taking the lane opposite Birdy’s bakery in IC colony and sticking to the right side.


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