Ten-Second Takeaway

Kalaripayattu is a form of martial arts that originated from south India – Kerala to be specific – and you can sign up to learn it in Dadar, Bandra and Versova.

What’s It About?

Vipin Kazhipurath, who takes Kalaripayattu{Kalari as its abbreviated to} classes in Mumbai, is a professionally trained artist and trainer of this traditional art form from Kerala. Starting off at a tender age of seven, he now works as an instructor across Mumbai city and conducts workshops, not just in Mumbai but has also recently taken it this desi phenomena to France. Currently, he is taking the classes in Khar, Dadar and Versova.

Kalaripayattu is one of the oldest forms of martial arts that was started off in Kerala. It’s a lifestyle and a way to enhance strength, flexibility whilst learning to balance both your body and mind. It boosts stamina for the ones who take it up, apart from improving the postures and toning of the muscles. From powerful leg licks, high jumps to intense stretches, it is an extreme sport for getting fit which is slowly picking up in Mumbai.

What To Expect?

This combat form combines high kicks, attacks with yoga poses, as way to improve one’s flexibility. At the classes we will learn various attack forms, defence moves, and kicks that you can perform.  For the beginners, it will first tackle the basics.

So, We’re Saying…

Want to try something new and engaging to stay fit? Sign up for the classes to learn this Kerala-originated martial art form. Vipin has plenty of classes to offer and you can just call him up and sign up for a trial class as well.

#LBBTip: If you’d like an introduction to Kalaripayattu, book your session here to attend a 1.5 hour session at either Prabhadevi, Bandra or Versova.

Where: AAMAD Performing Arts School, Versova,  Ravindra Natya Mandir, Dadar West {Behind Siddhivinayak Temple} and at Social Welfare Hall, inside Railway Colony, near police commissioner’s office, Carter Road, Bandra West

Price: INR 500 per session

Timings: Dadar {Mondays and Wednesdays; 8pm to 9.30 pm}, Bandra West {Saturdays and Sundays; 7.45am to 9.15am}, Versova {Tuesdays and Fridays; 6.30pm}

Featured photo source: Kalaripayattu in Mumbai